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Why we do what we do...

Most of us know at least the basics of First Aid and by law every workplace within the UK has a trained and qualified First Aider. However, when we are faced with the less tangible, and often more daunting challenge of helping another overcome an emotional issue, many of us are at a loss.

At JW training we are passionate about equipping individuals within businesses, organisations and foundations, with the tools they need to deal with emotionally challenging situations.

How we do it...

JW training is a team of specialist trainers who deliver unique workplace training that addresses the issue of emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Our training programmes help develop the techniques and confidence of both staff and their managers for dealing with emotional, challenging and difficult situations such as stress, self harm and suicide. This 'Emotional First-Aid' can continually improve relationships between staff, clients, customers and colleagues.

What makes us different...

We may do a lot of inspiring talking but we take the time to listen to our clients in order to fully understand their development needs and tailor our courses accordingly to maximise the positive impact it will have on the everyday life within their organisation.

Our hopes for the future...

Just as First Aid knowledge has become commonplace in every office, school and home we hope that ‘Emotional First-Aid’ will one day become just as commonplace.

JW Training

Both can be learnt. Both last a lifetime. And both can save lives.

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